This Is For Everyone With An Accent

by César Dávila-Irizarry

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1st: English 2do: Español Needles and threads of different colors A flock of us all different shades All (of us) open wide Flying high and free We stretch out to each other The eye, the needle, the passion, the thimble The button from one and the hole from the other A collage of glances All with hope Hand in hand Connected in silence Only the light and the union A forest of glances All protecting the cloth One single essence One collage. One forest. One essence. One Essence. ---- Aguja e hilos de diferentes colores Una bandada de nosotras diferentes tonos todas Todas abiertas Volando alto y libres Nos extendemos unas a otras -El ojo, la aguja, la pasion, el dedal- -El boton de una y el hoyo de otra- Un collage de miradas Todas con esperanzas Mano en mano -Conectadas en silencio- -Solo la luz y la union- Un bosque de miradas Todas protegiendo la tela Una sola esencia Un collage. Un bosque. Una esencia Una esencia.
1st: English 2do: Español Tsunami Tsunami The murmur of the farce is a tsunami The sea pulls back the property expands Shellfish for dinner A great spring -Greed is the net- Hope with fish hooks On each grain of sand A reef in distress -Greed is the net- Tsunami Tsunami The murmur of the farce is a tsunami -- Maremoto Maremoto El murmullo de la farsa es un Maremoto El mar retrocede se expande la propiedad Mariscos pa'la cena Una gran primavera -La avaricia es la red- Esperanzas con anzuelos En cada grano de arena Un arrecife en agonia -La avaricia es la red- Maremoto Maremoto Maremoto El murmullo de la farsa es
A steady abacus A rear view mirror A medal that shines until the sun dies Una escriba atenta corazón que late tiempo A simple marking A cardinal moral point Another punch, another kiss but always away The name of new days A horizon for all to seek L.N.A. P.N.A. Mark new calendars correct Living Nazi America Post Nazi America L.N.A. P.N.A. Post Nazi America
1st: English 2do: Español Capital of smiles The deficiency creates the bridge of sighs The walls of words petrify the wishes and the fists We don't have much smiles and our scars strangle the fire - Our voice shanks (them) their palace crumbles when touched The abundance in their lives is hidden by a finger in the scale Drowning us in disdain they hide the arks full of capital ------- Capital de sonrisas La insuficiencia forma el puente de suspiros Las paredes de palabras petrifican los deseos y los puños Tenemos pocas sonrisas y las cicatrices ahorcan el fuego - Nuestra voz les apuñala Su palacio se desmorona al tocarlo La abundancia en sus vidas La esconden con un dedo en la balanza Sumergiéndonos en desprecio Nos esconden las arcas llenas de capital ----- Spoken word: It is exhausting to live as a second class citizen and then see other people go through the worst case scenario of second class citizenship. Then conversations lead me to share my own stories and people's reaction is to question the veracity of what I share because they think I'm not being objective. I can share more and more thoughts but it feels useless. I lose. They win. I get it. Our experiences have no value when looked from their point of view. They are romans. We are barbarians. But, no matter what, whether they accept this complex reality now, or later, or never, the dissonance between racism deniers and the reality of people of color is deafening to us people of color and the white people who recognize what is going on. The footage is out there, the data is out there, and facts are facts. I once thought that maybe, when I'm 80 years old, I would see a somewhat fair world with much less prejudice. Bannon/Breitbart, Sessions, and the Trumps have dispelled such fantasies. I can reach 100 years old and I will still be a second class citizen.


“This Is For Everyone With An Accent” is the title of César Dávila-Irizarry's new solo EP. As the main composer of American Horror Story's theme song, César introduced us to his ability of turning everyday sounds into jarring and deeply cathartic music. In “This Is For Everyone With An Accent”, César presents his vision of Puerto Rican Avant-garde music. César's approach is one of music that abrades your soul but also pushes you off reality. It’s sound lives in a bodega at the intersection of shoegaze street and industrial avenue.

Lyrically, César fosters themes that are both personal and universal: race-based divisions, schemes that take advantage of those desperate for help, and social structures that suffocate the flame energizing the driven.


released March 10, 2018

All of the music was written, performed, programmed, and mixed by César Dávila-Irizarry

Mastering by Miguel Bustamante for Lucesca Productions

Special thanks to: Carlos Iván Márquez, Evelyn Rolon, Gabriel Diaz, Kim Rivera, John Chamberlin, Elouise Walker, Kim Rivera, Enoc Torraca, Miguel Bustamante, Eli Ungar-Sargon, and Sol Armada


all rights reserved



César Dávila-Irizarry Los Angeles, California

American Horror Story theme song's main composer.

Critics describe César as a "mad genius" (Empire Online). His blend of sound design and music is said to "speak to us on an unconscious level" (Huffington Post).

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